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Why is Water Dirty?

  • Water is the most common solvent on earth.  It loves to take on a bit of everything it touches.  With the water cycle, nature cleans water, starting with rain, then the water percolates down through the earth, is found in springs, rivers, lakes, and the water table, then it's taken up again through evaporation.  But, when we find it in the ground or in rivers or lakes, it usually contains various mineral and sometimes contaminants.

How New Visions Makes Water Friendly

  • Here at New Visions we take water back to being user friendly!  We start by testing your water.  Then, if needed, we recommend the treatment that gives you the best water for your situation.  That could mean taking contaminants out, fixing pH, or some other form of treatment to make your water friendly.

Point of Entry (POE) and Point of Use (POU)

  • Point of Entry is the term for treating water where it enters the building.  These filters are often placed in a well house, a garage, or under a custom cover outside or in the yard.  The water flows through the equipment and is then ready to enter the house or business and be used.   (See our page of Installations).
  • Filtering water right where you need it, at the Point of Use, is especially good for clean, dependable drinking water by ultra-filtration or reverse osmosis in the home or office.  A drinking water filtration system is usually installed under a sink and provides water that has been filtered down to the submicron level.


  • We service most brands of water filtration equipment.  If your existing equipment is having problems or you need filters changed, we keep a full stock of filters and parts to put your system back into service again.

Custom Planning for You

  • Each person's water is different, each person's uses for their water is different, too.  We take all the factors into consideration when evaluating which filtration solution will work for you.  Your water and your needs dictate what type of filtration is needed, how the system is installed, and where the equipment can be can be placed.  Custom planning is New Visions Water Filters' expertise.

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  • From the smallest counter top filter to the largest commercial needs, New Visions Water Filters has products and supplies to meet your needs.