Carbon - Conditioner - Reverse Osmosis

New Visions Whole House Carbon

Folks prefer a whole house (point-of-entry) carbon filtration system to control chlorine, chloramine, and resulting disinfection by products.  Activated carbon removes many kinds of particles and contaminants.

New Visions Whole House Conditioner

A water  conditioner eliminates hard water scale build-up which can affect the life and efficiency of all water-using appliances.  A Big Blue polishing filter is the final step before your water enters the house.

New Visions Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water

Municipal water supply customers need an under-sink Reverse Osmosis hyper-filtration system for drinking water,  cooking water, pets and house plants, to protect against chlorine, chloramine, contaminants including pharmaceuticals, heavy metals and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), and those pesky "Boil Alerts." 

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New Visions Water Filters

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Chlorine, Fixtures, Boil Alert

Breathe Easy!

With whole house carbon filtration there's no more breathing chlorine in the shower or bath.  Carbon removes more than 90% of contaminants common to water.  Because of the hot steam one breathes, there is more chlorine exposure in one hot shower than if you drank that same tap water all day long, because of the steam you breathe!

Better for Fixtures

With a whole house softener/conditioner, you eliminate scale from fixtures and tile for a cleaner, brighter look.  Easier to clean.  No more hard water soap scum on skin and in hair.  Use less soaps and detergents in the kitchen, bath and laundry room.

Sick of Boil Alerts?

Have you ever found out about a boil alert one day later?  With our 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System, you can rest assured you have been drinking safe water from your own faucet all along.